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Regional Newsletters

  • Leaving No One Behind at Birth


  • Ending Statelessness in Central Asia


  • UNHCR in Central Asia

    UNHCR in Central Asia

  • Statelessness:Between Heaven and Earth

    For the Central Asian countries, statelessness remains a challenge. However, "Central Asia represents a unique opportunity when it comes to the statelessness issue, because there is a great willingness among the governments in the region to solve these problem"– said Mr. Bernard Doyle, Regional Representative/Regional Coordinator for Central Asia.

  • Border Management in Protection of Refugees and Migrants

    Mixed migratory movements have always been a part of nomadic life in Central Asia. Historically, these movements appeared along with the trade routes in the region. People moved to and from the region before, during and after the Soviet period. The majority of migrants in Central Asia are driven by a search for better economic opportunities. However, conflicts, human rights abuses and natural disasters are also major causes of population movements.

  • Self-Sustainable Initiatives Help Refugees Contribute to Economic Prosperity in their Host Countries

    To support and increase self – sustainability of refugees in host countries, UNHCR and its partners implement different programs on self- sustainability

  • Building Trust, Building Peace

    UNHCR Kyrgyzstan is addressing the outstanding issues through participating in a peacebuilding project which aims to provide conditions for sustainable reintegration of those affected by the June events and, at the same time, prevent conflict and displacement in the future.

  • Statelessness: Invisible in Central Asia

    In Central Asia statelessness remains a significant issue. For 2014 it is estimated that there are about 30,000 stateless persons in the region.

  • One refugee without education is too many

    Ensuring access to education is one of the core components of UNHCR’s international protection and durable solutions mandate.