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Female partner of UNHCR shares her inspiring story

Almaty, 8 March – International Women’s Day is a very special occasion for UNHCR to pay tribute not only to the courage and resilience of refugee women and girls but also to the devotion, determination and commitment of the female colleagues and partners.  One of them is Ms. Rosa Telibayeva, a strong advocate for UNHCR's cause.

Ms. Telibayeva, a worker of the Red Crescent Society of Kazakhstan in Almaty city, a partner of UNHCR, has dedicated 20 years of her life to the work for and with refugees and asylum-seekers who were forced to flee their homes to escape conflict, persecution and found asylum on the territory of Kazakhstan. 

Her devotion to work and care for refugees have grown so big over the years. Ms. Rosa Telibayeva continues to work with the same enthusiasm despite reaching the official retirement age seven years ago.

“Everyone can become a refugee…  It is very important for us to assist people in a difficult situation, to help them to survive and then to start building a new life in a new country.  We are proud of our job and a possibility to assist people in need”, states Ms.Telibayeva.

In her daily work she shows high commitment in helping the refugees and their families, in particular women and girls, who seek her guidance on everyday issues and on different family problems. She does her best to encourage women and girls to fully participate in the decisions that affect their lives and the lives of their families.   She is determined to support and encourage them to never give up or lose hope.

Helping the most vulnerable under the most complicated circumstances while demonstrating leadership, compassion and dedication, Ms. Telibayeva is an inspiring example of determination and commitment for all.