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Video Gallery

  • Bulding Trust, Building Peace

    The video features how UNHCR in Kyrgyzstan is addressing the challenges through participating in a peacebuilding proejct.

  • Refugee children are forced to live their homes

    Refugee children are the most vulnerable children. They have to overcome a long way to integrate. Nevertheless, they start loving their second motherland.

  • I belong

    What does it mean to be stateless? Imagine being born invisible. You are alive. But can’t prove you exist.

  • Statelessness: Invisible in Central Asia

    UNHCR is today launching the global “I Belong” campaign aimed at ending statelessness within 10 years. "Invisible in Central Asia" produced by the UNHCR Regional office for Central Asia depicts the scope of statelessness in the region. Being devoted to the launch of the Global campaign on eradication of statelessness, it shows the impact of statelessness on people in Central Asia.

  • Public Service Announcement on tolerance

    It shows who and how a person becomes a refugee. How important is local integration and support of the local community for refugees and their successful integration, and how considerable could be contributions of refugees to the development of society.

  • Public Service Announcement on Statelessness in Kyrgyzstan

    Kyrgyzstan has reached considerable results in the reduction of statelessness, however, there are more steps to be done. PSA is devoted to birth certification which is an important aspect in the prevention of statelessness.

  • Success of solving statelessness issue in Vietnam

    This storytelling video depicts a family of stateless people in Vietnam. Statelessness does not allow people to have access to the basic human rights, such as education, medical services, right to vote, and ability to travel. This family was granted citizenship, and their lives have changed.

  • Storytelling of a stateless person

    This storytelling depicts a statelessness person originated from Kazakhstan who became stateless due to collapse of Soviet Union. She talks about the reasons of becoming stateless and what she has to overcome.

  • UNHCR Expert on Statelessness talks about statelessness

    UNHCR Expert on Statelessness provides an overview about statelessness worldwide and what UNHCR does in combating this phenomenon.

  • Kazakhstan marked World Refugee Day

    "1 Refugee without Hope is Too Many". The events marking the World Refugee Day in Kazakhstan took place in two main cities of the country. The main aim of the events was to attract attention of general public, authorities and diplomatic mission to the refugee issues in Central Asian region.