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  • Preventing and Reducing Statelessness in Kyrgyz Republic

    The feature portrays a joint initiative by UNHCR and the Kyrgyz government aimed at preventing and reducing statelessness in Kyrgyzstan. The initiative is part of the global effort to eradicate statelessness worldwide, and is funded under UNCHR "Seeds for Solutions" fund. In June 2014, twenty-eight mobile field teams were created, trained, and sent to remote areas of the country to assist stateless and undocumented persons. These teams provided free legal consultations to project beneficiaries, and assisted in filing for Kyrgyz citizenship and new documentation. More than 6,000 persons were registered throughout the pilot phase of the project, a majority of which would receive their new documents by the end of 2014.

  • UNHCR and the State Registration update the National Action Plan on Statelessness in the Kyrgyz Republic

    UNHCR in Kyrgyzstan and the State Registration Service under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic jointly held the fifth High-Level Steering Meeting on the Prevention and Reduction of Statelessness in Kyrgyzstan.

  • Kyrgyzstan updates its plan for potential influx of refugees

    High-level officials from various government and UN agencies participated in the event in order to update the Joint UNHCR/Government Contingency Plan. This plan was developed during the First Joint High Level Working Group in April 2013. During 2014, the Kyrgyz Government and UNHCR have worked together in order to adjust the plan in accordance with current priorities.

  • Cooperation for eradication of statelessness

    During the event both agencies underlined the importance of interagency cooperation, and how is essential in working towards the eradication of statelessness.

  • Special Report on Ending Statelessness within 10 years

    Special report provides picture of statelessness worldwide and UNHCR plans to end statelessness within next 10 years.

  • Statelessness: Invisible in Central Asia

    "Invisible in Central Asia" produced by the UNHCR Regional office for Central Asia depicts the scope of statelessness in the region. Being devoted to the launch of the Global campaign on eradication of statelessness, it shows the impact of statelessness on people in Central Asia.

  • Speech of Volker Türk, Director of International Protection

    At the 60th Meeting of the Standing Committee, on International Protection (1 July 2014)

  • HC’s message to the Muslim world

    on the occasion of the month of Ramadan

  • Kyrgyzstan: World Refugee Day campaign - Cooking master class

    "It was very an interesting master class. We learnt not just how to cook Kyrgyz cuisine but experience the soul of Kyrgyz people", Banai Mastora, an Afghan refugee woman said.

  • World Refugee Day commemorated in Tajikistan

    The commemoration of the World Refugee Day (WRD) 2014 took place on 20 June in the town of Vahdat, and Khujand.